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Release Requirements

To Release the Vehicle:

  •  You must present government issued photo ID

To ensure you are authorized party to pick up the vehicle we can only take the following:

  • You must present Valid Registration or Title

  1.  If the vehicle is recently purchased the dealer papers must be within 30 days

  2. Any DMV documentation cannot exceed 30 days

  •  Rental or Lease Agreement for the vehicle if it applies

  1.  We can only release the vehicle to you if you are the renter/lease in the date range

on the rental paperwork. Otherwise permission from the rental agency is required

  • If the vehicle is a Business or Corporate vehicle

  1. We must have a business card or something from the company that identifies you as

a representative (employee)

For Payments:

  •  For CASH please bring exact change

  •  For CC/Debit Card: Credit Card holder must be present with matching ID


The person at the lot is ONLY there to release your vehicle to you, and has no ability to amend the
balance. Each lot meet is a ½ appointment additional charges may apply is you are late (without notice), or your appointment goes over a ½ hour.


If you have any questions about the invoice or

the tow please go to

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